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Dennis Barros, Dvm

Chief of Staff

Dr. Barros graduated from the prestigious Colorado State University with honors and has 26 years of surgical, medical and management experience. He lives in south Maui with his partner and two children. They spend time off swimming in the ocean, fishing and enjoying all the wonderful experiences on the island.

Dr. Barros loves surgery and is adept in all orthopedics, although is experienced in anything present to him for repair. He is proficient in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, cardiac/abdominal ultrasound, reproductions, brachiocephalic breeds, congenital defects, TPLO, fracture repair, back disease, cancer management and much more.

Recently, his own dog, Biscuit, became paralyzed with a disc problem in her back. After personally performing spinal cord decompression surgery on her, Biscuit now runs normally and has recovered fully from her paralysis.

Dr. Barros is always here for whatever your pet may need!

Dennis Barros Dvm

Animal Care and Wellness Center